AI Literacy Exhibit At-Home Study

Looking for a fun, educational activity for the whole family to pass the time? We are recruiting families with children ages 7 and up in the Atlanta metro area to test out some “mini-museum-exhibits” about artificial intelligence during late January/early February 2021.

How will this work?

  1. We will deliver a box containing 1-3 miniature (i.e. box-sized) museum exhibits to your doorstep. Delivery will be contact-free and exhibit materials will be sanitized prior to delivery.
  2. The box will contain instructions for setting up the exhibit(s), interacting with them, and setting up a camera and audio recorder to record your interactions with the exhibit(s). If you want, a researcher will also be available to join you via video call to assist in setting up the exhibit and answer any questions you may have.
  3. You and your family will video and audio record yourselves interacting with the exhibit(s) using the devices in the box.
  4. Parents and children ages 7 and up will be asked to complete a brief post-interaction survey about the experience.
  5. You will pack the exhibit(s) back up and leave them on your porch for a contact-free pickup.

The entire experience should take approximately 2 hours and your family will be compensated with a $40 (either in cash or as an Amazon gift card, depending on your preference). Your participation will help us to continue to develop engaging learning experiences for museums, even during these challenging times.

Eligible participants should be native English speaking families living in the Atlanta metro area with at least one child age 7 and up.

If interested, please contact us via email ( with your name, email address, and the number/age of family members you expect to participate and we will reach out to you with further information about scheduling and delivery.

Protocol Number: H19445

Title: Designing AI Literacy Interventions for Informal Learning Spaces In-Situ Evaluation